On the way to Meade, Kansas

Headed to far SW part of Kansas to the town of Meade. This small town’s claim to fame is where the Dalton Gang used to hide out. The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws in the American Old West during 1890–1892. It was also known as The Dalton Brothers because three of its membersContinue reading “On the way to Meade, Kansas”

A drive around Kansas – 1

Montezuma, KS was my ultimate stop.  Went to Briana’s Cafe which has very good Mexican food and to die for coconut cream pie. Just outside of Montezuma is a huge wind farm run by Gray County. Then onto my friends house to look at models he’s built.  His favorite and perhaps his most complicated isContinue reading “A drive around Kansas – 1”

Kendall Kansas

I’ve spoken about Kendall before.  It has a nice little cemetery sitting on a hill above the town.  It is also where highway 50 intersects with the time change – Central time to Mountain Time. Way in the back of the cemetery there is a plain white cross to mark the site of the countiesContinue reading “Kendall Kansas”

Get out of Dodge

Well more like get into Dodge City, KS – the town sells itself on it’s history of the old west – was the town that Gunsmoke was set in.  They have Boot Hill, etc.  I actually didn’t do that today.  Went there for coffee and looked around.  As Vicki and I have been on aContinue reading “Get out of Dodge”

Back in the Saddle Again

Now that I’m back in Kansas I have some more adventures to share. First full day where I didn’t have to work so I went exploring. Went to Greensburg , Kansas. Prior to 2007 it had one claim to fame – site of the world’s largest hand dug well.  In the 1800’s in order toContinue reading “Back in the Saddle Again”


I’ve taken to walking around cemeteries.  I’ve always done this but now have added this facet to my trips out to Kansas.  I was actually headed to a cemetery in Syracuse, KS- got lost and so as I headed back to Garden City on Highway 50 I came across another one in Kendall, KS.  ThisContinue reading “Cemeteries”

Grain Elevators Small and Large

This is one of the larger ones  – It’s in Syracuse, Kansas.  Having spent 19 years in Syracuse, NY I was curious about the names.  Turns out that residents of the NY Syracuse settled here in SW Kansas just inside from the Colorado border. Their other claim to fame as that sometime in the lateContinue reading “Grain Elevators Small and Large”