Back in the Saddle Again

Now that I’m back in Kansas I have some more adventures to share. First full day where I didn’t have to work so I went exploring. Went to Greensburg , Kansas. Prior to 2007 it had one claim to fame – site of the world’s largest hand dug well.  In the 1800’s in order to secure their future they dug and lined with stone this well.


Then in May, 2007 an EF5 tornado essentially wiped out the town – 95% of it was gone in a day. 12 lives were lost.  Because of early warning there was a savings of lives.  The town had to rebuild and many areas are brand new including the Big Well Museum


A clarification is in order – 1971 the Fujita came to be but there was a feeling that a more accurate scale was needed and so in 2007 there became the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale and this is why the Greensburg tornado was the first to get an EF 5.  The Xenia Ohio tornado was an F5 in its day.

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