Cope and Coffee

On my way to Kansas for work I sometimes take Highway 36 which leads you thru the town of Cope, Colorado. It has seen better days. Turns out that there’s another photographer on the site that has stopped to take pictures here. So we’re in a friendly competition to put up more photos of Cope.

This roll of film ( Ilford HP5+) was developed using instant coffee, vitamin C and Washing soda – this is called Caffenol.

Jesus in the Wheat

Despite having come to Colby, Kansas a lot recently , I only just now found out about this billboard off the western most exit ramp to Colby. It was put up and paid for by a couple living in town. They are not anonymous. The Billboard does NOT have a religious message as so many do. When asked about this they said they just want people to think about this image. You can find this image on the internet but I’m ashamed to say some people do a stupid selfie with them horsing around below the billboard. Not that I’m a puritan just that I think it’s an interesting ICON of the plains and worth thinking about.