Prairie Madness – New Photobook

Monument Rock south of Oakley , KS

Prairie Madness is my newest Photobook concentrating on images of the plain or prairie. Some have appeared on this website – most are new to viewers. The title comes from an ailment that supposedly afflicted the early settlers as they traveled across the great expanse of empty land. I think there is a more modern version whereby folks used to living in an urban environment have problems with all this open space. There are those who actually thrive on this situation – call it Prairie Therapy.

It is now available on

I have set it up so any profits I see will be donated equally to Southern Plains Land Trust and American Prairie Reserve to help them in their efforts to preserve our prairie lands.

Tarantula Migration

Every year in the late summer, early fall there is a migration of 8 to 10 year old brown back Oklahoma tarantulas looking for mates. The females are hunkered down in burrows on the plains. While they can live to 20 or more years of age their mates die soon after the mating. We “patrolled” highway 109 between La Junta and Kim, Colorado for a glimpse.

Comanche Grasslands

Comanche National Grassland is a National Grassland located in southeastern Colorado, United States. It is the sister grassland of Cimarron National Grassland and contains both prairie grasslands and canyons. It is separated into two sections, each operated by a local ranger district, one of which is in Springfield and the other of which is in La Junta.

We happened upon this place to see the annual tarantula migration that takes place in south east Colorado in the early Fall. We stopped in La Junta Colorado for the nite. Dusk is the time to see these critters. We were on highway 109 between La Junta and Kim Colorado.

Hugo, Colorado

Small town on the plains that is the Lincoln county seat. It’s one claim to fame is

Hugo’s municipal public park (Hines Park) features a vintage swimming pool which was constructed as a Works Project Administration facility in the 1930s and is designated as a historic site by the National Register of Historic Places

Note the nautical themes swimming pool

And who doesn’t like a drag racer on the roof of a garage?

Hugo is also home to SandCreek Distillery.

On the way to Meade, Kansas

Headed to far SW part of Kansas to the town of Meade. This small town’s claim to fame is where the Dalton Gang used to hide out.

The Dalton Gang was a group of outlaws in the American Old West during 1890–1892. It was also known as The Dalton Brothers because three of its members were brothers. The gang specialized in bank and train robberies. During an attempted bank robbery in Coffeyville, Kansas in 1892, two of the brothers and two other gang members were killed; Emmett survived and was captured, tried, and convicted. He was paroled after serving 14 years in prison.

The oldest brother Frank had been a Deputy U.S. Marshal, but was killed in 1887. In 1890, Gratton “Grat”, Bob, and Emmett turned to crime after not being paid as lawmen. Their middle brother William M. “Bill” Dalton also had a career as an outlaw, but he rode with the Wild Bunch. The gangs were related through their mother to the Younger brothers, who rode with Jesse James. The Daltons were active later and independently of the James-Younger Gang.

Captured this in Cimaron, KS on the way to Meade