We are not dead but we do smell funny

This blogster is sorry for his absence from these pages. Sometimes I have too many paddles in the river so to speak. I’d actually forgotten about this blog until the ‘renew Me’ notice popped up. I love the name I gave this web site so I thought I would renew for one more year andContinue reading “We are not dead but we do smell funny”

Prairie Madness – New Photobook

Prairie Madness is my newest Photobook concentrating on images of the plain or prairie. Some have appeared on this website – most are new to viewers. The title comes from an ailment that supposedly afflicted the early settlers as they traveled across the great expanse of empty land. I think there is a more modernContinue reading “Prairie Madness – New Photobook”

Tarantula Migration

Every year in the late summer, early fall there is a migration of 8 to 10 year old brown back Oklahoma tarantulas looking for mates. The females are hunkered down in burrows on the plains. While they can live to 20 or more years of age their mates die soon after the mating. We “patrolled”Continue reading “Tarantula Migration”

Comanche Grasslands

Comanche National Grassland is a National Grassland located in southeastern Colorado, United States. It is the sister grassland of Cimarron National Grassland and contains both prairie grasslands and canyons. It is separated into two sections, each operated by a local ranger district, one of which is in Springfield and the other of which is inContinue reading “Comanche Grasslands”