We are not dead but we do smell funny

This blogster is sorry for his absence from these pages. Sometimes I have too many paddles in the river so to speak. I’d actually forgotten about this blog until the ‘renew Me’ notice popped up. I love the name I gave this web site so I thought I would renew for one more year and to see if I can keep it going.

Dreamy Bison

This image is maybe a first – Infrared Black and White shot on Dan O’Brien’s ranch in South Dakota. As part of the rally we had with the Colorado Airstream Club we had a book club that read his book “Buffalo for the Broken Heart”. The next day he gave us a tour of his ranch and it’s operation. Dan and his family run a retail store selling Bison edibles called Wild Idea Buffalo Company, check them out.

Lonesome Bison

Simply put, the Bison is THE best grazing animal for the plains. They have lived on the plains for centuries and are specifically adapted to this environment whereas the European Cow is NOT. The Bison were killed off to thwart the Native American in our war of attrition against them. Then to feed the lust for hides and bison tongue they were further decimated.

Fortunately this trend stopped decades ago and the Bison is making a return to the American Prairie.

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