Geological Formations of Western Kansas

Top row is the newest State Park in Kansas – Little Jerusalem State Park south of Oakley, KS on HWY 83. On the same road and north of LJSP is Monument Rock seen on the bottom row of pics. Other formations to see in Kansas include: Castle Rock in Gove County, Rock City Minneapolis KS,Continue reading “Geological Formations of Western Kansas”

Last Chance Module

This is Commercial photo of the art installation just outside of Last Chance, Colorado. It is amazing to see this in person. I have visited this site several times and here is another commercial view of the site Now finally are my photos – it is an artistic challenge to know how to best portrayContinue reading “Last Chance Module”

Prairie Madness is Trade Marked

This is old news but awhile back I decided to attempt to get the phase “Prairie Madness” trade marked. It is the name of my photo book that has been used to generate donations for prairie preservation. I realized without having the trademark that at some time in the future someone could obtain it andContinue reading “Prairie Madness is Trade Marked”