Tarantula Migration

Every year from about late August thru October on the plains of Southern Colorado you can witness the annual Tarantula migration. We go to LaJunta, Colorado and then drive south on Highway 109 towards Kim, Colorado. This year we were more successful in seeing the critters by getting off the asphalt and looking for them along the dirt roads and on hiking trails.

What this is all about is 8 year old males ( brown back Texas or Oklahoma variety) go in search of a mate who live in burrows. The female normally would be happy to just eat the males but when the males grow to 8 years of age they grow a special appendage on the their front legs that they can use to fend off an attack and mate at the same time.

Female tarantulas are known to live upwards of 20 years. Males not so much. Once they mate they go back out in the open where they are prey to the Tarantula Hornet and the cold. Most of the males die within several months of the mating

This year we saw 4 tarantulas and 1 T-Hornet. So I would say we did well for ourselves.

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