A drive around Kansas – 1

Montezuma, KS was my ultimate stop.  Went to Briana’s Cafe which has very good Mexican food and to die for coconut cream pie. Just outside of Montezuma is a huge wind farm run by Gray County. Then onto my friends house to look at models he’s built.  His favorite and perhaps his most complicated isContinue reading “A drive around Kansas – 1”

A drive around Kansas – 3

Off to Montezuma, Kansas.  To eat at Briana’s Cafe which had wonderful Mexican food and to die for Coconut Cream Pie.  Also stopped at the base of hundreds of wind turbines as part of the Gray County Wind Farm.  Eventually made it to a friends house to see all his models that he’s constructed overContinue reading “A drive around Kansas – 3”

Battle of Punished Women Fork

Battle Canyon in Scott County, Kansas  was the site of the Battle of Punished Woman’s Fork, the last encounter between Native Americans and United States Troops in the State of Kansas. The Northern Cheyenne under the leadership of Chief Dull Knife and Little Wolf were trying to return to their former home in the north after escapingContinue reading “Battle of Punished Women Fork”